Our Company

Eagle Rock Boat Repair has been repairing and restoring fine wooden vessels since it was first founded in 1995 by Dan and Reinette Farsovitch.  Dan's passion for boats goes back generations and as a boy, he loved to watch his grandfather making wooden dories by hand.  

Dan began working in the boat repair business in 1973 with Columbia Wards Fisheries in Alaska and Washington, performing repair and maintenance work on wooden boats for 22 years - seven of those years as Shop Foreman.

Originally begun at the Seattle Boatyards, Eagle Rock has recently moved primary operations to Anacortes, Washington and expanded the business.  The company currently consists of Dan, his wife Reinette (Office Manager), his two sons Ryan and Trevor (who are extremely capable in all phases of wooden boat repair including minor welding jobs) and now his grandson Sean, who has become an excellent caulker.

Not only does Eagle Rock still practice the long lost arts of wooden boat repair with high quality work and fine craftsmanship, we are training the next generation to follow in the footsteps of great boat builders of the past.

Eagle Rock Boat Repair is one of just a handful of companies still offering traditional restoration methods, so when it's time for your boat's next repair, either major or minor, you can entrust it to us.